New year, same old me

January 01, 2023

Christmas tree and presents Full of presents underneath the Christmas tree.


  • I Spent the week visiting my parents in my hometown.
  • Skipped studying.
  • Gym.
  • New year’s eve/day celebrations.
  • New year goals?

Happy new year, everyone 🎇.

Hometown visit

I’ve really enjoyed this past week. I visited my parents and went to shops and coffee houses every day. There were also lots of board games with the parents. Most of all, though, we enjoyed playing cards, a game called “Ξερή”.

No studying this year!

This week has been stagnant, studying-wise. I had a blast back home, so I’m not bothered! After all, I’ll be back in London next week, so I’ll have plenty of time to focus on it then.

Gym 🏋🏻

I kept up the cardio and gym sessions. In fact, I joined a local gym 5 minutes away from my house. It was really well-geared. I worked that squat machine on leg day 🦵🏻.

New year’s eve celebrations

On New Year’s Eve, I was back in Chalkida. It was the typical New Year’s Eve night. Friends, relatives, and plenty of delicious food and drinks.

There’s a funny little tradition that I was introduced to. After midnight, we passed around some scratchcards to test our luck for the new year. I didn’t win a dime! Oh boy… 🎲📉.

New year’s day celebrations

On new year’s day, I went out for brunch and coffee with my family. It’s a tradition with Greeks. We cut the New Year’s cake, “Βασιλόπιτα” in Greek, and I won the “φλουρί”. It’s supposed to be a good luck charm for the whole year. I don’t believe in that, but if I did believe in it, I’d say it balances out with the scratchcard 🍀😮‍💨.

We also exchanged presents. I got some boxers, socks (classic family presents), a book, and an accompanying audiobook. A little secret is that I already knew the book’s title, so I purchased the audiobook and started listening ahead of time 🤫.

My new year goals

I’m not a believer in new year’s resolutions. I’ve never had any success with them; many people don’t. Instead, I’d like to stay the same this year. I like who I am and how I’m approaching my life now, and I’ll keep going!

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Written by Kostas Dimakis who lives and works in London. You should follow them on Twitter