0 downtime, always moving

December 18, 2022

Greek taverna by the sea Saturday afternoon at a taverna by the beach


  • Lots of driving around. Athens, Corinth, Chaklis.
  • Web3 studying going on strong
  • Daily walks and at-home workouts.
  • Enjoying the outdoors in a summery December.

🚕 Driving around a lot!

The first week in Greece has been hectic. I had to help with family matters, and I was the sole person who could drive. So naturally, everyone was dependent on me. Had to travel to Athens several times during the week. It’s been a bit hectic, but I think it will be more stable now.

Solid progress with web3

Web3 studying, against all odds, progressed nicely. I’m learning a lot about Ethereum. Still got plenty to go through, but I’m enjoying it. I’m wondering how productive this next week is going to be. I’m on AL starting tomorrow, so by all accounts, I should be able to make good progress. Let’s see.

Fitness never stops 💪🏻

Last week I managed to get in 6 days of 1-hour morning brisk walks. My goal is to hold this routine until I’m back in London. The holidays are a notorious time for gaining fat, and I’m doing my best to reduce it as much as possible. As far as weight training goes, there’s been a limited amount of time, so I’ve just been sticking to bodyweight training for now. I think starting tomorrow, I’ll be going to the gym. I have plenty of time now.

🌞 Summery mid-December weekend

The weather this weekend was just ridiculous. Contrary to popular belief among foreigners, winter in Greece is unlike summer. It can get quite cold. However, there are exceptions. This weekend’s weather was spectacular. I enjoyed a great time at a taverna by the sea on Saturday afternoon. I also enjoyed a fine-dining experience at the center of Athens with a view of Acropolis on Sunday night. So far, despite 0 downtime, I’m enjoying my time in Greece.

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Written by Kostas Dimakis who lives and works in London. You should follow them on Twitter