Summer Escapades! Exploring the Depths, Building Strength, and Savoring Moonlit Music

August 07, 2023

Night in Avlemonas, Kythira. Lovely night in Avlemonas, Kythira.


  • Scuba Diving
  • Gym
  • Concerts, full moon and a week off at Kythira

Scuba diving 🤿

I was recently going through old photos and discovered that it’s been almost ten years since I earned my first certification on Open Water. Man, time flies.

I recently visited the same diving spot; a friend owns it and finally decided it was time for me to do the Advanced OW. It’s been a while since I’ve done scuba; I usually do it once or twice a year. I managed to put together my equipment nicely, checked my air and depth frequently, and even stayed calm while dealing with a BCD inflation malfunction (I needed to use my breath sometimes). I still have three lessons to complete for the certification, but I plan to dive more until the end of August.


Gym sessions are going okay. I’ve not noticed any particular growth, although my physical appearance has changed significantly due to increased calorie intake. I see constant strength gains, though, and that’s precisely what I aim for.

Concerts, full moon and Kythira

The past two weeks have been a lot of fun. There’s been a slew of concerts that I’ve attended, one of them being a jazz band under the full moon in some ancient ruins. Lovely music. I’m writing this blog while sitting on my Airbnb balcony, looking at the sea 🌊. Kythira is so relaxing. I had been here when I was little, and what stayed with me were the crystal clear waters. I’ve got a mask and fins, and I’m free diving 🤿 every chance I get.


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Written by Kostas Dimakis who lives and works in London. You should follow them on Twitter