Bulking Up and Living It Up; Diet, Gym Progress, and Weekend Adventures

July 26, 2023

A traditional paniyiri (festival). Profitis Ilias “paniyiri” (festival). A merchant selling air guns. Cretans, even little ones, love their guns 🔫.


  • I’m getting fatter by the day. Thankfully, stronger too.
  • Weekend fun.

Diet and gym update

I’ll be honest. I’ve entirely reverse-dieted. I’m back to a very high amount of body fat. I have mixed feelings about this. Could I have gone easier and held back a little bit? Probably yes. Mainly cause it’s summer; maybe I should have done that. On the other hand, I would have reached these body fat levels by the end of bulking, no matter what. So going back to what I initially said in other blog posts: I’m in Greece for a limited time. I wanna enjoy myself!

Regarding the HIT protocol: I’m getting stronger, which is the goal! Sleep, rest, eat, repeat. That’s the name of the game right now. And train hard once every 4 days.

Weekend fun

On Friday, I watched a favourite jazz/swing singer, Thomai Apergi, live at this beautiful bar. Lovely vibes.

Another weekend, another heatwave. The usual. A lovely beach nearby that I really enjoyed diving around, and later visited a closeby village and a tavern at the central square, Skalani. Lovely creative food, as always.

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