More peace and quiet

January 29, 2023

Piccadilly Circus on a cloudy London day A quick snap of Piccadilly circus on a cloudy London day before heading to Carpo for a cup of cappuccino.


  • Quiet week.
  • Saturday walk
  • Lots of studying.

Quiet-ish week

A little to say for this week. It’s been another quiet week. Continuing with my training sessions. I put on more weight this week than I intended. I did have a couple of cheat meals but still. If this continues next week, I must bump up the cardio.

Saturday walk around London

I caught up with a greek friend on Saturday. Classic tour of London streets with a cup of cappuccino from Capro in hand 😅. I’m greek, after all.

Web3 studying

I’m about done with the web3 program that I was studying. I’ve done a final project, and I’m waiting for the last review. It was alright. A bit outdated, but the concepts still apply today. It’s the tech stack that was outdated. Next up, I’ll shape up my resume a little bit. I’m not job hunting or anything; I like things to be updated.

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