A fun start to Feb

February 05, 2023

Millenium bridge sunset Sunset from the millennium bridge


  • Switched teams at work. Back to my old code base.
  • Web3 program DONE.
  • Weekend fun.


My company has been through a big merger recently, and I was one of the devs that got moved to help with a transition on the codebase of the other company. It’s been an interesting few months. Almost felt like I’m a contractor at times; plenty of pressure to deliver. Now I’m back to my old team’s codebase. Plenty of challenges to tackle, and all seem to be unique, device-specific and “hard” bugs. I welcome the challenge 🤪.

Web3 studying ✅

Happy to report that I’ve finished studying web3. I submitted the final 2 projects recently and am pleased with the results. It’s definitely an exciting space. There are some solid use cases for blockchain tech. On the other hand, I don’t know about crypto. You can’t have apolitical money.

Fun Saturday & Sunday

Saturday, I caught up over food and coffee with a couple of Greek friends in central London. Had a nice long walk in Hyde park as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

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