Gym sleep repeat

February 12, 2023

The inside decor of a pub in London A glass of red wine at a cosy pub on Sunday


  • Busy as usual at work.
  • Gym stagnate week.
  • A hackathon weekend cut short.
  • Sunday, pub day.

Work is busy as usual

Work has been busier than usual. So many random issues are popping up, and I must juggle development time between them. Oh well; Prioritize and execute.

Gym progress is 📉

Gym weight progression has been stagnant this week. I didn’t make any PRs at all. It’s been week 5 of the program, and I was even fed up. I wasn’t even looking forward to the training session, right on time for a de-load week. I’ll be bumping the cardio a bit this week since the training intensity will be lower.


I went to an Immutable X (web3) hackathon on Saturday. There were tons of people there. A lot of them weren’t even developers. So much excitement for the Web3 space. On the other hand, I found it really dull. I decided to only go to hackathons or these types of events again if I’ve got something I want to build in mind. This time I didn’t, and I honestly couldn’t care less about what we decided to make 😕. I didn’t return for day 2. However, the people I met were super interesting. I’ll keep in touch with them.

Sunday, pub day

I caught up with a friend from my previous workplace on Sunday. Hadn’t seen him in a good while. Very constructive conversation. Again, centred around crypto. There’s a lot of that going around nowadays.

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