February 27, 2023

A shot of kalavrita ski resort Beautiful shot of the full of snow Kalavrita Ski resort.


  • Urgent issues at work.
  • Eating like a gorilla.
  • Greekend (something I saw in an airline ad)

Keeping busy at work 🐝

Work has been busy recently. Pressure to deliver features for the sunsetting experience on HBO Max, along with some partner (LG) bugs that have come up. I’ve been on calls with QA engineers from the other side of the world (4 a.m. for them), so we can investigate the nature of the issue. In addition, a couple of other QA engineers brought me, at my house, the exact model type to be able to reproduce the problem and fix it. When companies want something done, they get it done, and it doesn’t matter what resources they’ll spend. 🔔 something to remember when you’re an employee.

Eating like a beast 🦍

I’ve eaten so much food this past week. I’ve doubled my protein intake, basically. Carbs and fats are at a reasonable amount. Really keen to see if there’s any difference between now and the next ~5 weeks. I can lift way harder than I’m lifting now. I’ll definitely be pushing way more. And I’ll increase the duration of some of my workouts, like back and chest, so I can include an exercise from the respective arm muscle. I’ve got a separate arm day, but I should be hitting those muscles more.


I’m writing this post on my flight back to London ✈️. I spent 3 days in Greece. The weather was terrific, ~20 degrees, and it was fun. Saw family members that I hadn’t seen in years! So happy I caught up with them. I listened to Toni Sfinos live 😂; legend. The only thing I didn’t get to do was snowboard 🏂; the reason is really lame; it was too windy for the lifts. That means no snowboarding this year 😢. Oh well… next season.

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Written by Kostas Dimakis who lives and works in London. You should follow them on Twitter