Fun holiday weekend in London

May 29, 2023

Dog walking in London Something that I never imagined I would be doing in London. Dog walking on a beautiful, sunny day ☀️.


  • Diet & nutrition dialled to the T.
  • Launch week at work.
  • Bank holiday weekend in Sunny London.

Diet & nutrition dialled to the T 🤖

Well, these past few weeks, I’ve really dialled my nutrition. I’m in full keto mode; I’ve been doing cardio daily and pushing my workouts. My goal is to stop doing that by the time I go to Greece, approx 3 weeks. When I get to Greece, I wanna look reasonably good, and I wanna be able to enjoy food without any restrictions. If I like it, I’ll eat it, but I’ll always try to choose the healthy option.

Launch week 🚀📺

It’s been super busy at work with the launch of Max on Monday. Most things went smoothly. Some didn’t. My sunset experience work never made it to the viewers!! I had put so much work into it, and in the end, a miscommunication with the back-end team caused the client app to not prioritize showing that screen. It is unbelievable how so much time and effort from many people is wasted (nobody saw it in the end) just because there was misalignment across teams. A valuable lesson to experience. I’m slowly getting involved with my new team now. Picking up tickets, code reviews, etc…

Bank holiday weekend in Sunny London 🌞😎

An incredibly sunny weekend here in London. I enjoyed walks with friends, along with fury friends 🦮😂! Honestly, I never thought I’d be dog-walking in London! It was so much fun. They were both a poodle cross. Jersey, the bigger one, was my favourite. So obedient and quiet. People out in the streets were stopping us to pat the dogs.

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Written by Kostas Dimakis who lives and works in London. You should follow them on Twitter