Starting a blog

November 27, 2022

Westfield at White City Westfield closing while I’m waiting to watch a movie


  • Finally, first blog post; let’s hope I’ll keep going.
  • Relaxing Sunday.
  • I’ll be blogging about the past week.
  • Watched The Menu.

First blog post 🎉

Hello there. This is my first blog post, so welcome! Been wanted to do this for a while. Kept postponing it, wrote drafts that I never published, etc. There’s a high chance that you’ve been there as well. At least this one is published. Let’s see how long this is going to last 😅.

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday is always a chill day 🧘🏻. Woke up and did a bit of cardio. I did shadow boxing 🥊 after a long, long time. I’m definitely sticking to that for a while. I miss it like crazy. Then breakfast and a few house chores and out for the day. Grabbed some coffee and walked around my neighborhood for a bit. I’m sitting at Westfield writing this blog post and waiting to watch The Menu. I am a foodie, so I’m sure I’ll like it 🍲. I’ll let you know what I think below 👇🏻.

Sunday posts about the past week

When I initially wanted to start a blog, I wanted to make it like a public TODO list to help me keep myself accountable. That failed miserably. I must have written 3 blog posts, all in draft mode.

So now I want to take a new approach. I’ll write a post every Sunday evening about the past week. It’ll make me write down my thoughts, review the week, and how I want to proceed. It’ll also make me better at writing. That’s very important as well.

The Menu

BRB. Watches the movie. And I’m back! HOLY SHIT! What a crazy movie this was. So many questions?! Definitely worth the watch. Terrific acting. Lot’s of things to unpack. Does it make you want to experience fine dining? Definitely 😋!

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